Who we are

Do you often wish you had more time to devote to a loved one in need of extended care? Whether you hold a full-time job, live states away, or have children of your own, your loved one deserves the care, comfort, and compassion that come with human companionship. Faithful Friends offers engaging, one-to-one friendships that can brightened the days of isolated residents. 

About the Founder

The founder of Faithful Friends, Kristen, with her grandmother

Kristen has spent the majority of her career working in hospice care. As a licensed massage therapist, she sees firsthand the emotional attachment that seniors crave and the power of a human presence. Watching both of her grandmothers spend their later years in assisted living, it is Kristen's dream to expand the horizon of love and support for anyone feeling alone or isolated. She hopes to bring a familiar voice to a population facing confusion, anxiety, and social separation. She and her grandmother talk almost daily, and it is something they have always looked forward to!