Who can benefit from Faithful Friends?

Anyone can register, no matter age or abilities. The service is especially useful for the those in need of some extra reassurance, including seniors (either in their homes or in a care setting), anyone impacted by a disability, or homebound persons. 

Who are the callers? 

Our one-to-one volunteers are screened and trained prior to making calls, at which point they are matched on an individual basis with one of our clients based on personality, interests, and pastimes. 

How much does it cost?

In order to offer the remote care to all who are interested, we make an effort to keep our prices low. Please check out our free trial to set up a consultation. See our Membership page for additional pricing and plan details. 

Will I be called by the same person every time?

Yes, we try our best to ensure that the same companion calls you each time. This allows for forming a relationship, estabilishing trust, and giving us the ability to better gauge changes in your condition. 

What if I need to cancel or pause my subscription? 

We are happy to make any such changes any time throughout the duration of your plan. Feel free to contact us with your requests, and we will be in touch with you shortly. 

What happens if I don't answer? 

We will make a second attempt to reach you within 15 minutes to allow for time to reach the phone. If you still do not answer, your emergency contact will be notified via phone or e-mail. 

Have other questions?

Feel free to drop us a line at 402-939-6318

or send us an email at kristen@faithfulfriendsforseniors.com