Our Services

Our one-to-one companions offer a wide variety of services, which are available upon request. All friendships take place through phone call, video chat, or e-mail.

Picture of grandmother taking a photo

Possibilities include, but are not limited to: 

• Friendly conversation

• Discussion of current events

• Activity reminders (ex: exercise, meals, favorite shows, etc.) Please note: we are a non-medical care option and therefore do not offer medication reminders for liability reasons. 

• Over-the-phone games or puzzles 

• Read-aloud stories, novels, and newspapers 

• Appointment and ride-share scheduling 

• Special voice recordings for grandchildren and other relatives 

• Assistance with the computer and finding content of interest 

• Letter writing 

• Listening to favorite music

• Sharing stories and memories from time gone by 

• And so much more!